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Spire BigRock (5T060B1H3R) Socket A CPU Cooler
review by david, 31 October 2001


A couple of months ago, a brand of CPU cooler named Spire coolers popped up on the review scene, amidst old timers such as Globalwin, Alpha and Thermaltake. Results weren't that impressive, but nonetheless, I was interested in the coolers. The Spire coolers are actually marketed by Fanner Tech, which also happens to market their products under the Speeze brand name, as well as having offices in Europe ( ByteCom Fanner BV ) as well as Taiwan, China, Japan and the USA.

Here's a short quip about Fanner Tech, ripped straight from their website:

"At Fanner Tech we will always develop a wide range of thermal products, as well as investing heavily in quality manufacturing, Research and Development. We aim to provide top quality products for national distributors as well as for ODM and OEM clients. We are always moving forward with new and innovative thermal solutions.

Our aim at Fanner Tech is to build on the current success of the Spire® & Speeze® brands so that the brands are recognized world wide to be a provider of quality cooling solutions. We will continue to work to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and share the knowledge of our experts to provide our customer's with quality thermal cooling solutions."

I dropped off an email to ByteCom Fanner BV, the Europe division of Fanner Tech, and within a week or two a huge package arrived at my door, containing one cooler, the Spire 5T060B1H3R @ BigRock as well as a promo poster nicely stuffed inside a thick cardboard tube. My thanks to Rolf Borrenbergs for being an immense help in obtaining the review sample. This review is a tad late, so in addition to my thanks i'll also have to add in apologies for that.

Cooler Specs

Dimensions Heat sink: 74×64×42 (w × d × h)
12VDC Fan: 70x70x15mm.
Bearing Ball bearing
Rated speed 4200 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 2.38 W
Noise level 31.8 dBA
Air flow 26.30 CFM at 4,200 RPM
Current A 0.24 A
Life Hours Ball: 50.000
Connector 3 Pin, mainboard

  • Celeron 850MHz and up (PPGA)
  • Pentium III 866MHz ~ 1.2GHz (FC-PGA)
  • Pentium III Tualatin 866MHz ~ 2.2GHz (FC-PGA 2)
  • Duron 600MHz ~ and up
  • Athlon 700MHZ ~ 1.4GHz (Thunderbird)
  • Athlon XP 1.3GHz and up (Palomino)

Thermal resistance 0.52° C/W
Thermal type T-725 & Silvergrease

I'll be pitting the Spire BigRock against the venerable Globalwin FOP-38 as well as the Thermaltake Volcano6 Cu+, as the BigRock seems like a low-end cooler though Spire claims the cooler can handle CPUs up to 1.4Ghz Thunderbirds. Now, lets move on to see whats in the box!

Inside the box >>

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