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Steelpad 4d Mousing Surface
review by David, 24 November 2003


For the discerning gamer and computer user alike, having a good mousing surface is often of paramount importance. While some may get by with plain old cloth or foam mousepads, most computer enthusiasts will opt for better quality solutions.

We've checked out many mousing surface solutions from many different companies. This time, we take a look at the Steelpad 4d, which is a variation on the Steelpad4s, though made from plastic instead of aluminum.


The packaging looks very beat up, due to the guys at Soft Trading sending it over in a simple envelope. Nevertheless, the contents were secure and undamaged.

From the box, the specifications of the Steelpad 4d are:

  • 2 Sided surface - all in one
  • Super non-slip base
  • Provides perfection in accuracy and precision
  • Compatible with all mice
  • Dimensions: 290 x 267 x 2.5 mm - 11" x 10" x 1/10"

Lets have a look at the pad itself.

In The Box >>

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