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Steelpad 4s Mousing Surface
article by David, 24 September 2003


Having a good mousing surface is one of the smaller things in your computing experience which is just as important as having good quality components and peripherals. While some feel that having a generic cloth or foam mousepad, or even just the desktop surface is more than enough, there are individuals out there who prefer a separate surface for mousing altogether.

Brand-name mousing surfaces we're all familiar with include the famous Ratpadz (now RatpadzGS - our review coming soon), the fUnc Industries Surface 1030 and Everglide's Giganta. Another new-ish name on the market is the Steelpad, which is a mouse constructed from aluminum, and is being touted as a professional gaming mousepad.


Taken from the Steelpad website:

  • 3.5 mm Aluminum Plate
  • Treated, to ensure both comfort and traction
  • Hardened to ensure durability under all conditions
  • Fiber polished
  • Length 290 mm - Width 267 mm - Thickness 3.5 mm (feet included)
  • Does not work with Logitech Optical mice other than the MX Series

Packaged in a cardboard box, the Steelpad 4s is pretty well protected, though some padding to protect the corners would have been preferred, seeing as the Steel[ad 4s has rounded corners, and getting a box with bashed up corners wouldn't look good.

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