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Sunbeam Tech Cold Cathode Kit Review
review by David, 25 July 2002


Casemodding is becoming mainstream, as more and more computer users cut up their cases in an effort to keep things cooler, or simply to spice up the looks of their machines. One accessory to casemodding equipment includes the usage of lights inside the cases, usually through the use of neon lights, LEDs, or cold cathode tubes.

Awhile ago, I had reviewed the Dual Neon Light Kits from Below Zero, which has long since been phased out of Below Zero's product line, and replaced with cold cathdes. That was my first brush with an actual casemodding project.

A few weeks ago, a company I had never heard of previously, Sunbeam Tech, contacted me and offered to send me one of their cold cathode kits to review. I jumped at the chance, as this was to be my first actual hands on contact with a cold cathode kit. I'd never actually seen a cold cathode before, as the only times i've seen any of them are through pictures of modded cases and from other reviews.

Sunbeam was founded in 1998 as a buying office for computer and mobile phone peripherals for US customers. In 2001 the company started to specialize in the design and assembly of various products for their customers. Their current product line includes cold cathodes, EL cables as well as EL strips. As Sunbeam are relatively new to the market, it will be interesting to see how their products turn out.

Following are some product pictures taken from the Sunbeam Tech website.


Lets take a look at the package Sunbeam sent over, shall we?

A Closer Look >>

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