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Shattered Web Custom Case Appliques
review by David, 2 October 2002


Computer geeks love their computers. Admit it, some of us spend way more time on our custom machines than on our social lives, leaving us glued to the monitor fragging away at UT2003, swapping files with friends, or simply surfing away the time. Not only do we customise the innards of our computers, for maximum power and performance, there is also a growing trend to personalise each and every system we own. From custom designed cases to simple windows and blowholes, each modification to our computers fulfils either a functional or aesthetic need.

A popular personalisation on computer cases is the useage of custom stickers, stuck onto computer cases and windows, much like you find stickers on modified (read: riced) cars. These stickers are more generally referred to as appliques, and can be found in the form of well known logos, such as the Quake3 logo, Unreal logo and so on and so forth.

The Shattered Web is one company who specializes in making, marketing and selling such appliques. Their range is practically limitless, as they are able to accomodate requests for customised graphics, while stocking a selection of more popular general graphics.

First off, i'd like to thank Terry from The Shattered Web for sending over a pack of appliques for review. I received a total of 4 appliques, a 10"x10" chrome spawn logo, a 7.5"x7.5" Quake3 logo, and a 3.5"x3.5" Silicon Graphics logo. As a bonus, Terry also threw in his own version of the 8BallsHardware logo, in black. Neat!



For scale, the pictures include a pen, just so you have an idea of how big the appliques are. I'll only be installing the chrome Spawn logo as well as the custom 8BallsHardware logo for this review. My girlfriend took dibs on the SGI logo.

Lets start off by checking out the chrome Spawn logo.

Chrome Spawn Logo : Installation >>

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