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UnrealEd 3.0 Teleporter Tutorial
article by Jerome, 25 November 2002


Unreal Tournament 2003 has been one of the most highly anticipated releases. Recently I spent some of my hard earned dollars on a copy of my very own. The game continues to be very enjoyable for me, but it's not just the game itself piqued my interest. Unsurprisingly the programmer in me has become very intrigued by the flexibility of the package. So I've decided to start tutorials regarding mapping and modifications as I myself learn the tricks of the trade. For the first installment a beginner's guide would be in order, but we won't spend much time on it as Architectonic has already provided excellent tutorials in this area (among others). What we would like to accomplish is a tutorial on Teleporters. Not just laying down the points in the room, but also getting the fancy lighting effects in there as well. Take a look at Architectonic for the finer points on map construction (if required), then continue on with this tutorial to add some nice looking teleporters to your new map.

Quick Tour

UnrealEd 3.0 is a very extensive and complex application. It's abilities can be daunting, but once familiar with a few of the tools you should be able to maneuver it just fine. Instead of rehashing the same material over & over again, we would like to direct you to appropriate portions of the Architectonic tutorials required to get started with a simple map.

  • Basic Concepts - It is advised to at least pay some attention to this section as it gives a would-be mapper
  • First Room - This section of the tutorial is definitely required reading. It covers actually putting together a useable map with one room.
Thanks to the guys at Architectonic for providing a very nice tutorial to the Unreal community. The site is excellent and is a good reference for those new to mapping. It is suggested to anyone who wants to be a mapper to read thoroughly through the whole thing before truely venturing into a complete mapping project with UnrealEd 3.0. If you actually went through the Architectonic links, then you have the basic information needed to move further. Of course one can just be lazy about it and go right for it like most computer user's :). Let's get on with the show, and create a simple map.

Assembling the Room(s) >>

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