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TwinMOS TwiSTER PC4000 DDR Memory
review by David, 26 July 2003


The recent introduction of Intel's new 915/925 series chipsets have brought along a couple of new technologies, including DDR2 memory. In recent weeks, DDR2 memory has slowly started to creep onto retail shelves, though widespread adoption of the new technology is still considerably far away, in part due to the high cost involved in transitioning to the new platform as well as availability issues. As a result, plain old DDR memory is still very much alive and kicking.

The people at TwinMOS sent over a set of their TwinMOS TwiSTER series memory for our evaluation some time ago. Aimed at gaming enthusiasts who want high speed memory for their dream machines, the TwiSTER line has the 'S' standing for 'Speed' while the 'TER' is named for 'terrific'.

We received a package containing two 256MB PC4000 modules from TwinMOS for this review.


As such, the specifications of the memory modules are exactly the same as the PC3200 modules specified in TwinMOS's website.

  • JEDEC Standard
  • Bandwidth(max):4.0GB/s
  • Date Rate:500MHz
  • Double Data Rate architecture
  • Bi-directional data strobe (DQS)
  • Different clock inputs (CK and /CK)
  • MRS cycle with address key programs
    • CAS latency: CL2.5
    • Burst length: 2, 4, 8
    • Burst type: Sequential & Interleave
  • 2 variations of refresh
    • Auto refresh & Self refresh
  • Edge aligned data output, center aligned data input
  • 2 banks to be operated simultaneously or independently
  • Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM
  • Package: TSOP, WLCSP

The product page here states that these modules run on 2.5V +/- 0.2V. This is a little odd, seeing as our review units were rated at 2.8V, and wouldnt operate properly at anything lower than that.

If you also notice that TwinMOS has two versions of this memory module: TSOP and WLCSP packaging. Our review unit features TSOP packaging memory, which is the standard rectangular shaped memory chips you'll see on typical memory modules. An example of WLCSP packaged memory would be the GEIL Golden Dragon series memory.

Lets take a closer look at the memory modules themselves.

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