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TwinMOS PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Memory
review by David, 27 May 2003


Having too much memory in your computer may not be a bad thing. As memory prices have become rather affordable as of late, this is a good time as any to stock up on memory. Also, with the recent ratification of DDR400 memory by JEDEC, memory manufacturers have been quick to produce their own brand of DDR400 or otherwise known as PC3200 memory. In addition to that, the introduction of Dual Channel memory capable motherboards such as the likes of nVidia's nForce2 chipset as well as Intel's i875P and i865P chipsets have given end users and enthusiasts alike a reason to go out and grab DDR memory by the bundle. Depending on the chipset of choice, the user would usually pick PC2700 (DDR333) or PC3200 (DDR400). In the cases of extreme overclockers and tweakers, they would go for PC3500 or PC3700 solutions offered by certain manufacturers, although those particular two specifications aren't ratified by JEDEC's official standards.

TwinMOS PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Memory

TwinMOS is one of those manufacturers who have jumped onto the bandwagon and offered Dual Channel PC3200 memory to the public. On a side note, this isn't our first encounter with TwinMOS, as we covered their PC133 SDRAM quite some time ago during the initial months when 8BallsHardware was first launched.

We received a package containing two 256MB PC3200 modules from TwinMOS for this review. Initial research at TwinMOS's website revealed no particular information on their PC3200 Dual Channel solutions, until I chanced upon ViperLair's review of the same product with some information on the topic. The gist of their statement implies that TwinMOS doesn't really pretest and verify their memory modules to be Dual Channel capable; compared to what Corsair does with their TwinX kits, for instance. TwinMOS just verified that running memory in Dual Channel mode is faster than plain old single chanel operation.


As such, the specifications of the memory modules are exactly the same as the PC3200 modules specified in TwinMOS's website.

MRS cycle with address key programs
- CAS latency: CL2, 2.5
- Burst length: 2, 4, 8
- Burst type: Sequential & Interleave

2 variations of refresh
- Auto refresh
- Self refresh

Serial Presence Detect support
2 Banks to be operated simultaneously or independently
Package: TSOP/CSP
184 edge connector pads
Clock frequency: 133/166/200MHz
SSTL-2 interface: 2.6 Voltage +/- 0.2V

Note the 2.6 Voltage +/- 0.2V rating. You won't need to worry about running this memory at 2.8V for long term periods, as that still falls within TwinMOS's specifications. Perfect for overclockers who want to get the most out of this memory.

Lets take a closer look at the memory modules themselves.

A Closer Look >>

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