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Corsair TwinX512-4000 DDR Memory
review by David, 23 December 2003


Corsair isn't a new name to the market, as they've been around for quite some time providing consistently high quality memory modules for the discerning computer user. Corsair memory has been a constant in our test systems, as we fully trust the quality of their products, and haven't had problems running Corsair memory in our hardware, overclocked or otherwise.

Not long ago, we were fortunate to receive a set of the TwinX512-4000 memory modules from Corsair for review. This set consists of twin matched 256MB memory modules rated for operation at DDR500 speeds, or also known as PC4000.


To quote Corsair directly:

TWINX matched memory pairs are specifically designed for motherboards using chipsets with dual memory channels. Current two-channel chipsets include the 875P ("Canterwood") and 865PE/G ("Springdale") from Intel, and the nForce2 Ultra 400 from Nvidia. This memory kit consists of two ultra high-speed memory modules that have been tested together at DDR500 (250 MHz) on a Canterwood based dual channel motherboard. Relaxed latency settings allow this module to achieve extraordinarily high clock speeds for optimum performance in many system configurations. TwinX memory kits are designed to provide the ultimate in performance and stability in dual channel boards.

We've gone over the whole TwinX thing way back in our TwinX512-3200LL review sometime back, so if you'd like a clearer idea, please do check it out.

The modules we received came in Corsair's new memory packaging, which prominently displays the memory behind a plastic bubble shield. This also allows for the memory to be easily displayed from a hanging rack or propped up on store shelves at retail fronts. The rear of the packaging shows a sampling of the numerous awards and commendations Corsair memory has accumulated.

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