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Corsair TwinX512-4000 DDR Memory
review by David, 23 December 2003

A Closer Look

Coming in a twin matched set of two 256MB modules, you can see that Corsair uses heatspreaders for keeping the memory cool during operation. While the heatspreaders' effectiveness is rather debatable at best, every single bit of additional cooling provided is a great help and is bound to provide some sort of benefit overall. During operation, the heatspreaders did get rather warm, especially when the memory was running in an overclocked state. As such, we can only conclude that the heatspreaders are doing their job quite well.

The heatspreaders are attached to the memory chips via thermal tape. For additional security, Corsair secures the heatspreaders with additional clips. Of course, removing the heatspreaders will void your warranty.

Upon closer inspection, the holographic sticker on the aluminum heatspreader provides the end user with details about the memory module itself. With rated timings at 3-4-4-8, this memory is optimised for high bus speeds, which often require relatively lax memory timings to achieve.

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