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Asus V8420 Deluxe Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB DDR
review by David, 26 January 2002


With the power of the Radeon 9700 from ATI, the current speed king of graphics cards, and the impending arrival of the GeforceFX from nVidia, the top end of the graphics card market looks all set. Of course, this would only be viable if your wallet is deep enough to handle these expensive pieces of circuit boards and silicon. What about the budget user? What about us everyday Joes who want decent performance out of our gaming machines, but don't have the financial ability to buy the top-of-the-line solutions? The answer lies in nVidia's Ti4200-based graphics cards, as prices have dropped to extremely affordable levels, well within reach of every average computer geek out there.

However, as most Geforce4 series cards are all built based on the reference nVidia design, nearly all manufacturers produce graphics cards which perform on par with each other in the same specifications range. How then is the user to choose the best graphics card for him or herself? True, the non-hardware-geek type user might not care, so long as it works. The hardware-geek type person, however, in my opinion, will look towards some other criteria:

  • Overclockability
  • Price
  • Package bundle

This has become somewhat of a trend in the past months, with more and more manufacturers looking to sweeten the package so that it appeals to potential buyers.

Asus is one of many competing hardware manufacturers that have a stake in the graphics card market. While being more known for their top quality motherboards, they also produce some fairly impressive graphics cards to boot, one of them being the Asus V8420 Deluxe Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB DDR graphics card.

This monster is huge, about the size of a typical Geforce4 Ti4600 card, while sporting a nice deep purple PCB and swank gold-colored GPU heatsink. We had the chance to check out this sweet piece of equipment, courtesy of the dudes at Asus's Malaysian office, thanks mates!

Lets check out the specifications on this beauty.

Specifications >>

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