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review by David, 17 May 2003


Having a good CPU cooler is just as important to the overall 'well-being' of your computer. While stock cooling solutions work acceptably, there are individuals who prefer putting their trust in third party cooling solutions. As times, there are also those who place importance on aesthetics; the looks and cool factor of the heatsink in question is as equally important as how well the cooler performs. Admittedly, there are many coolers out there that sport interesting designs, but more often that not their performance is sadly lacking. They look good, but cannot cope with the demands of today's powerful heat-mongering processors.

We've been given the chance to check out a cooling solution that not only looks good, but has a reputation for performing quite well; the Vantec Aeroflow VA4-C7040. My thanks to Jill from Vantec for the opportunity.

Before starting on this review, I took the opportunity to check out similar reviews across the web for this particular product, just to get a rough idea on how it should perform. The Vantec A4 (which is how I shall refer to it for the duration of this review) is constructed of aluminum with a copper core, with it's main attraction point being the use of a Tip-Magnetic Driving (TMD) fan instead of a conventional fans found in most systems nowadays. The general consensus was that the Vantec A4 heatsink performs quite well. We'll see later on whether or not our testing comes to any comparable results.


Model No.
CPU Socket
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Power Consumption
Bearing Type
Fan Speed
Noise Level
Outline Dimension
Life Time

370/7/A (462)
12 V
0.30 A
3.84 W
TMD (Tip-Magnetic Driving)
5600 RPM
35.5 CFM
38 dB(A)
74.5 x 74.5 x 60.0 mm
384 gm
80,000 hrs

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