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Vantec Stealth 420W Aluminum PSU
article by David, 10 October 2003


Choosing a good power supply for your PC is just as important as choosing the best possible processor, motherboard or memory for your soon-to-be monster rig. Nowadays, most computer enthusiasts aren't looking for just a power supply any more. They want oodles of power for their computer systems. They want reliability. They want something which runs with minimal noise. They want something unique. Thankfully, you've got many brands to choose from in the current market: Antec, Enermax, HEC, PC Power & Cooling; the list goes on and on.

For the focus of this review, we feature the Vantec Stealth 420W Aluminum power supply, supplied by the kind folks over at Vantec. It's black. It's supposed to be stealthy, and it's rated for 420W of juice. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Features & Specifications

Vantec's engineers fit the 420W Stealth with a number of features to differentiate it from the competition.

  • Three temperature controlled dual ball bearing fans : While most power supply manufacturers are still making single and dual fan power supplies; Vantec has three, all of which feature a double ball bearing design for extended fan life. In addition, all three fans are temperature controller via a sensor, where the fan speeds up with in increase in ambient temperature, and slows down as it gets cooler. The three fans install at the front, bottom and rear for better overall ventilation.
  • Lightweight black aluminum casing : With aluminum having good conductive and thermal properties; it is used to form a tough, light, and corrosion-resistant alloy. Unlike other power supplies which use heavy metal casings, Vantec uses aluminum to reduce the over all weight. A unique black coating adds to the uniqueness.
  • Thermal Fan Speed Control Switch (Auto, Low, Medium) : While a power supply generates the power, it also generates heat. Unlike other adjustable power supplies where usually only one fan's speed is adjustable, Vantec's Stealth Power Supply fan control switch allows you to adjust all three fans to the same tempo simultaneously. With this feature, even though the fans are slowed down, the cooling ratio will remain the same. A three-speed control switch allows you to adjust the fan speed manually to minimize power consumption while maximizing cooling.
  • Additional AC Output for Peripherals : Most peripherals directly acquire AC power from a power outlet or power extension cord. Therefore, those peripherals will remain on if you just turn the PC off. With the additional AC outlet, you can plug your peripherals direct to your PC’s power supply. When the PC is turned off, all the peripherals are turned off as well. This feature will help to extend other peripherals’ life cycle.
  • Universal Connector : Vantec's Stealth Power Supply is designed with a 24-pin universal connector provide for motherboards with a different DC input-pin layout. This is a server and PC ready power supply.
  • Serial ATA HDD Power Adapter : For Serial ATA hard drive users, Vantec's Stealth Power Supply includes two SATA hard drive power adapters (4 to 15 pin connector).

Looking at the power ratings on this baby, you can see that the Stealth 420W is no slouch; at least in terms of specifications. Lets check out the contents of the box.

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