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ThermalTake Volcano II
review by terion, 25 June 2001


When you hear people taking about Thermaltake, the first thing that comes into your mind is its famous (infamous to some) Golden Orbs. Yes, it was the talk of the town when it came out about a year ago. Fancy-turbine like design, gold in colour and a unique clipping method (a really nasty clip for AMD users!) were some of its features. A year has passed and lots of changes have been made to that little orb. Thermaltake has created a whole new lineup of them including the Blue Orb, Chrome Orb, Super Orb and the recently announced high performance Dragon Orb. What a big family!

However, Thermaltake has also been working on new designs of the more conventional heat sinks. It just popped out of nowhere. The company which was producing the most radical heat sink design suddenly produced a cooler with a relatively normal heat sink design, designated DU0462-7 or more familiar as Volcano II.

Thermaltake Volcano II

It seems that with the new orbs on the horizon, Thermaltake are pushing their orb line into the high end and thus needed to create a low cost heat sink e.g.. Volcano II. Because of its more conventional design, it is likely to be cheaper to produce than the orbs. Also you just about stick any 60mm fan to it unlike the orbs which needs special fans (I have a friend whoes Golden Orb's fan went kaput and the orb is lying around somewhere collecting dust). Enough small talk, let's check out its specs.

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