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LIUtilities WinBackup
review by Prozac, 28 November 2002


Anyone who owns or uses a computer will eventually hear the word “backup” being uttered by anyone with the technical know how. So common is this word that it feels like a trivial matter. Not many people realize that an apocalyptic chain of events might occur to their computers, such as viruses, bad sectors of biblical proportions or the maid who thought spring-cleaning included cleaning your hard drive. Most people fail to realize the importance of making backups of their data. Now, when it comes to making backups, the main concept is to make a copy of your data and store it in another location. This may be a CDR/RW, another folder, another hard disk or even a remote server on the LAN.

Sure, anyone can make a copy of their files via Windows’ drag and drop feature. With the help of a CD writer a copy can be made on to a blank disc. And there are countless software out there which enables us to move great volumes of data across a network be it FTP or Microsoft Networking. But how many pieces of software out there actually manage backups? Enter WinBackup from LIUtilities.

About LIUtilities

Ripped from LIUtilities website: " LIUtilities was founded in 1999 by a small group of IT professionals with the goal of creating a complete solution for remote support. After nearly three years of development and a large number of smaller projects, we are now about to release our enterprise series of support tools, which radically change and improve tech support in larger corporate, academic and government computing environments."

The Software

The software is freely downloadable as a trial version thanks to LIUtilities. The installation software is a mere 1.7MB download, which should just be a coffee break for modem users and a blink for broadband users. It doesn’t require much horsepower to run, so these are the basic requirements for the software:

• Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
• 10 MB free disk space
• 32MB RAM
• Pentium 400 MHz or higher

Pretty basic, eh? Most entry level PCs should be able to support this software. It is important to note that, although the software requires 10MB free space, you’ll still need more MB’s (or possibly GB’s) to store your backups.

Installation went without a hitch; anyone familiar with InstallShield wizards or has installed any recent software onto Windows should know the process.


Upon initial startup, WinBackup guides users through the basic backup functions in just a few simple steps. Some of WinBackup's advanced features include: backing up user data, detailed activity logs, customization of backup settings, and the ability to save backup jobs for future reference. Besides that, to stand out from the rest of backup utilities and CD burning software, WinBackup boasts an impressive list of features:

· Password Protection
· Strong Encryption
· Backup to CDR
· File searching
· File compression
· Scheduled backups
· Backup logging

Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the software.

Making a Backup >>

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