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WinTasks Professional 4
review by killmaster, 22 April 2002


What is WinTasks? WinTasks 4 Professional is an update from all the original versions. The program itself is meant to make advanced system resourse management even easier then before for any user, novice or experienced.

Available from Leading Interactive Utilities, there are currently two versions of WinTasks, the Standard version, which can be downloaded at USD 17 and the Professional version, downloadable at USD 47. Extras such as the installation CD as well as manuals cost an extra USD 10 on top of the base pricing. The Professional version comes with all features that the Standard version has and also includes a number of extra featuress that take advantage of the the NT/2000/XP kernel.

What Can WinTasks do

WinTasks Version 4 allows you to

Easily manage computer resources

  • Removing unnecessary processes
  • Free up valuable memory
  • Use the built in log and statistics to eliminate recourse leaks and other problems you might have on your computer

Improvement of Systems Security

  • Find and remove invisible background processors Trojans and other similar viruses or infections to your computer.
  • Use logs to find out what programs have been accessed and used on your computer
  • Create custom scripts to automatically terminate unwanted processes
  • Improve system performance

Optimize and Debug Software

  • You can optimize you CPU usage and also find memory leaks using real time resource statistics and logs
  • Simplify debugging by inspecting DLLs, windows and many other resources used by any other process

Minimum Requirements for WinTasks

  • 250 MHz processor, or higher.
  • Intel or AMD, compatible processor
  • 16 MB Ram
  • 4x CD-Rom Drive
  • Windows 98/95/NT/200/XP
  • 10 MB Free Disk Space

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