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ThermoSonic ThermoEngine V60-4225 vs.Thermal Integration FO-BE25D
review by terion, 26 June 2001



ThermoSonic Technology is a relatively new name in the CPU cooler world. However their radical heat sink design has cause much hype when it was first seen. The core of these heat sink were filled with paraffin oil at first but then production models came with only hollow cores, then after that, solid cores. (Now they only come with SOLID cores, sorry for the late update -Ed)

The ThermoEngine which I have here is the V60-4225 not the V60-4210 which is being reviewed everywhere else. The difference? Well, the heat sink is the same between the two, but the fan that comes with it is more powerful 30.65CFM. More on the fan later. The unit I which I will be using is my own which I acquired about a week back from MyPC, Low Yatt Plaza. Price of this model is around RM120-170 (USD40-45) depending on the shop.



Next up is the Thermal Integration FO-BE25D which is a newer company to enter the CPU cooler foray. It has the same "X" design with the ThermoEngine. The similarity of both these heat sinks are more than just coincidence. These two companies are somewhat related. Thermal Integration's relation with ThermoSonic is "parent to child" from a technical point of view.

Thermal Integration was actually a thermal design house. It authorized its 'Sonic Super-Conducting Technology' ( nice name :D ) to ThermoSonic last year for manufacturing and development purposes in the CPU cooler field. Basically Thermal Integration wanted some feedback on their new "X" formed radiating design and in my opinion, they got some very good feedback.

Because of good response for this new design, Thermal Integration has created some interesting new coolers and intend to manufacture and sell these themselves in the future.

One of these new cooler is the FO-BE25D. It has about half the height of the ThermoEngine and has a copper core in the center. It also boast a Delta 38CFM fan (David is currently using it, so I'll be substituting it with a 40CFM YS Tech). Since this is a new model, the price of this cooler is not known during the time of this writing. Let's see how the FO-BE25D can perform against its cousin.

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