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Xoxide Acrylic Laser Cut 80mm Fan Grills
review by David, 29 November 2002


Fan grills serve the purpose of preventing the blades of a spinning fan from getting fouled by unwanted items, including wires, cables as well as the odd finger or two. Usually, these fan grills would be mounted on fans inside the case. With the spread in overclocking and cooling madness, people have mounted their fans so as to suck air from outside the case itself. Of course, having an exposed fan isn't very good, as not only does it look ugly, your pet cat might get sucked in too. Hence, the need for fan grills outside the case. Now, some might regard having plain chrome fan grills a little boring, and look for more swanky alternatives. Unfortunately, the really nice ones like the Marvel licenced fan grills as well as the laser cut metal fan grills also cost a bomb, so they're not exactly easy on the wallet.

Xoxide has provided an alternative that is cheaper, and looks just as good, depending on how you place them. Thus, the focus of this quick look at the Xoxide laser cut acrylic fan grills.

About Xoxide

Quoted from the Xoxide website, " was founded in early 2000 with a goal to provide the best computer case and computer cooling accessories available. We have been leading the cooling and modification industry, and vow to always provide the most cutting edge products. We ship our provides worldwide, and are located outside Philadelphia, PA in the United States."

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