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YS Tech vs. Delta Black Label
review by david, 10 March 2001


The GlobalWin FOP 32-1 and the GlobalWin FOP 38 are two of GlobalWin's most successful products to date for the overclocker community. Most everyone out there in hardware site forums I've been to all say that the FOP32-1 and the FOP38 are actually the same heatsink, but each with a different fan, where the FOP32-1 has the YS Tech fan, and the FOP38 has the Black Label Delta fan. The biggest difference between the two fans are total CFM output and of course the RPM at which both fans spin at. Obviously, the Delta fan has the higher RPM, which produces this really loud whine. This whine is legendary among overclockers everywhere who want the cooling power of the FOP38, but don't quite like the sound that comes with the package. The Delta fan is also equipped with a fanguard/grill so as to avoid curious fingers from venturing too near the spinning fins. Those fins can mince your flesh, ask all the victims out there :D

The main target of this comparison / review is to compare the cooling capabilities of both fans, whether the sound is really worth the extra cooling you're supposed to get. What I couldn't do is get hold of the original FOP38 heatsink as it was in use on another system. I managed to get the Delta fan from it, because the owner removed it (couldnt take the noise, heheheh..). The FOP32-1 was taken from my own machine.

The contenders (taken from the GlobalWin website)

YS Tech
Delta Black Label

  • Operation Voltage DC 9V ~ 13.8V
  • Rated Voltage DC 12V
  • Rated Current DC 0.18A
  • Input Power 2.16WATT
  • Bearing System Two Ball Bearing
  • Fan Speed 4500 RPM+/- 15%
  • Air Delivery 26CFM
  • Noise Level 36 Dba
  • MTBF(life) 50000 hours /25°C
  • Fan Safety CE, UL, TUV,CSA Approved
  • Fan with RPM signal output Yes

  • Operation Voltage DC 7V ~ 13.8V
  • Rated Voltage DC 12V
  • Rated Current DC 0.32A (MAX0.48)
  • Input Power 3.84WATT (MAX5.76)
  • Bearing System Two Ball Bearing
  • Fan Speed 6800 RPM+/- 10%
  • Air Delivery 37.6CFM
  • Noise Level 46.5 Dba
  • MTBF(life) 70000 hours /40°C
  • Fan Safety CE, UL, TUV,CSA Approved
  • Fan with RPM signal output Yes

Note that the dimensions of both the FOP32-1 and the FOP38 are actually different, where the FOP 32-1 measures 70mm x 61.8mm x41mm, and the FOP38 measures 70mm x 62mm x37mm. A slight difference in total volume of metal in the heatsink, but not so much that would produce great differences in the results of this comparison.

The Test Setup

  • Duron 650@928 1.85V + Arctic Silver
  • Abit KT7 RAID
  • FOP32-1 heatsink, YS Tech / Delta fans
  • 2x 80mm blowholes on the side of the case, blowing on cards + CPU area.
  • 1x PCI System blower

The testing was done at four different setups for each fan. Once at idle with case fans off, once at full load with case fans off, once at idle with all case fans on, and the final one at full load with all case fans on. The case was closed throughout the tests.

Temperature readings were taken using Motherboard Monitor 5.03. I don't own a proper external temperature sensor e.g. the Senfu probe yet, but i'm considering getting one in the near future.

Load temperatures were taken after 10 minutes of a Quake3 multiplayer session with bots on Nightmare mode, with RC5 and WinAmp running the background. Idle temperatures were taken after letting the system sit for 10 minutes. All temperatures were taken after the tests were run after a fresh reboot.

Test results >>

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