Is it advisable to apply for debt consolidation?

It is very easy to end up enrolled in a file of defaults such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN, since a bill for services that we do not pay or a telephone bill without paying small amounts are sufficient reasons. In these situations, it is best to use Debt Consolidation For Bad Credit as soon as possible to avoid future problems. Therefore, if an unexpected financial crisis arises, when we are delinquent and need liquidity, our options to obtain financing will be greatly reduced, although we can request loans with ASNEF of up to € 750.

Make sure you meet the conditions, before asking for credits

If we are registered in a file of defaults and we decide to request loans with ASNEF to settle the debt, there are two fundamental aspects that we must take into account. Otherwise, the solution could become the problem :

  1. We must ensure that we are able to comply with the conditions established in the contract.
  2. It is important that we bear in mind that the following month we will have to return the loaned capital along with the generated interest and, all this, without affecting our economic situation.

If we have these clear points and decided to apply for a loan with ASNEF to make our debt effective, one of the best options we can turn to is the mini-credit offered by Kredito24. With this mini loan with ASNEF, we can get up to € 750 in a matter of minutes, with a 100% online application process and with a return period of up to 30 days. The price of this quick credit is € 35 for every € 100 requested.

The great advantages of this loan are that we do not have to justify the purpose for which we want the money, which allows us to reimburse the capital in advance at no cost and, also, that we can request an extension in the event that we are unable to reimburse the money on the agreed date. Lastly, the requirements that we will have to meet to access the Kredito24 mini-credit are being of legal age, residing in Spain permanently, having regular, sufficient and justifiable income and having an account open in a Spanish entity.

And, what do I have to do to get out of the defaults file?

As we have already mentioned, if we want to leave any file of defaults, we must make the debt effective. Otherwise, we will remain registered for 6 years, by law. However, we will have the right to access the list and know if we are part of it for free and at any time.

In the event that we have doubts about this issue such as those mentioned previously, how to oppose entry, who is authorized to consult if we are inside, how long it will take to delete us, etc., we can download the free guide prepared by our experts “What Do you have rights if you are in ASNEF? ” With this useful tool we can clarify any doubt about it and get it, all we have to do is enter our email address and we will receive it instantly in our inbox.