CoolerMaster Hyper 6

CoolerMaster Musketeer2

CoolerMaster Musketeer

Corsair TwinX512-4000

Enermax CS-5190AL-061



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David Chieng
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Drop me an email if you want to join the 8BH team! We're always on the lookout for more news posters, article and review writers. Experience not necessary, but it would be very handy. Of course, major requirements include the ability to stick to a schedule while possessing a strong knowledge of English.


Founded in January 2001, 8Balls Hardware started off as a hobby review site. I had always wanted to start a tech site, and since there was an obvious lack of local quality hardware review sites in Malaysia, with the exception of the more famous, I decided , "What the heck, lets do it!". I obtained a proper domain name plus a great webhosting package from a friend who runs a webhosting company, Multidirection, who is now known as Cubematch.

In the very near future, 8Balls Hardware hopes to become one of the more well known hardware sites in Malaysia, especially since we Malaysians don't have much information, and are less exposed to computer hardware as compared to foreign countries. How well will we be able to complete our objectives? That depends on the support we receive from YOU, which has been extremely encouraging. Thank you for your support, and we hope you'll enjoy the site!

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